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Parts for making my own surf rigs?

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I'm tired of store bought surf bottom rigs pulling apart on me or getting cut, and thought I'd try making my own.

I want to make some mono or flouro rigs for just normal surf fishing, some with wire for when the sharks or blues are thick, and also some 'big game' rigs for drum fishing at Hatteras. For the latter I like using these rigs with a big snelled hook and heavy brass swivel with a sliding sinker clip. I've found really good ones at shops like Red Drum Tackle, but it has to be more economical to make my own if I want any quantity.

There are a million different options for hardware out there and it is a bit bewildering, but I figure there are folks here with experience making their own tackle. I'm looking for recommendations on what to use for these different purposes, and I am more concerned with quality than price. Preferably USA made.

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Part of the enjoyment is catching & releasing big fish on rigs you made yourself.
I prefer fish finders with shelled hooks that I tied. ……. ICM
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Yeah, that's the idea, but I'm looking for recommendations on the best rig making supplies to buy. Particularly the metal hardware.
I want to be able to build a normal 2-hook surf bottom rig that could hold together if I hook something bigger than a pinfish :). I also want to build some out of something that can withstand the teeth of sharks and bluefish when I'm in a situation where that is the primary thing biting.

Building the drum rigs is slightly separate since that will be dedicated to big game.
Finding much of this stuff made in the US is difficult on the best day.
As someone who makes their own rigs I have a few valuable (literally) suggestions.
I buy primarily from 2 sources.
SRMO which is Shark River Mail Order out of New Jersey and BreakawayUK out of the United Kingdom.
Breakaway for all my pulley rigging needs and SRMO for everything else. I DO NOT deal with BreakawayUSA. I'd much rather deal with Norman, his king's majesty over in the hinter lands.

Small hand crimpers and then the larger bolt cutter style swager for shark rigs. SRMO sells the bolt cutter style cheaper than anyone else. Substantially cheaper when I bought mine.

With SRMO you can buy bulk. 100's, 500's, and 1000's. I'll buy 500 beads for what I can buy 50 for at a tackle store.
A tackle store, Bass Pro, Cabellas etc. is not the place to buy this stuff. The quantities are small and the price high.

For just a 2 dropper rig you are far better off to tie dropper loops in the main line if the main line is mono. If not top shot 30 feet of mono leader onto your braid and tie from there. You'll catch far more mullet and such with less hardware.
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