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Pee Dee hot spots?

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Hello everyone. First time posting on this site. Me and a buddy of mine are planning on an overnight kayak trip on Monday and Tuesday to the Pee Dee river. We are putting in near the power plant off of blewett falls road Monday morning and taking out the next day at wolf pit landing. Just wondering if anyone would be willing to share any good spots for some catfish that we can get to with the kayaks. Ive heard and read great things about the catfishing in the pee dee so I'm excited to give it a try. Thanks for any advice. - Joey
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Welcome to the site! Good luck on your endeavor!
Good luck! Be careful you don't get caught messing with Robbie Burr's pets down in the area of the hunt club.
No idea. And never fished that area, but I do wish you luck! Keep posting and participating in the discussions / reports, and you'll likely find that much like many things you get back what you put in. Relationships matter sometimes, even on an internet forum, and forging new ones is something I've been pleasantly rewarded with here.

Welcome to NCAngler!
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