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Penn conflict anyone?

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Anyone on here have a penn conflict? If so how do you like it? I can get one on ebay for around 120 free shipping.
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are you looking at the old 2013 model or the new 2014? Have to be careful. Sales are often to get rid of an old model. Penn just revamped several models trying to deal with quality issues.
You thinking of the battle 2? The conflict has only been out about a year.
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Yep I stand corrected. Conflict is one of the new ones not a rehash.. I like that they say they have sealed bearings.

The Battle has been getting alot of bad reviews over bearing failures. Looks like they are fixing the bearing issues. I just cleaned one for a customer and it was awful inside after only limited use in the surf. I hope the battle 2 is sealed better.
I have a conflict 4000. It has held up just fine but it has needed a little maintenance faster than the battles did and I like the battle a lot more. I have two battle 6000s a battle 4000 and a battle 3000. Specifically my problem with the conflict is how that foam grip feels in my hand and the fact that I feel like the drag adjusts a bit too fast. You can quickly go from not enough drag to breaking your line in a matter of 5 or 6 clicks. It is going to take several more years before I know if the battle or the conflict will stand the test of time. My battle 3000 is currently three years old and is still dragging in big fish without a problem.
Not sure if you are after a specific series or not, but up to the "6000" series, for $10 more retail, you can get the Spinfisher V.

Poking around on eBay, looks like there are 6500s selling for less than $120. The Spinfisher V has the "water tight" design. I've been around enough to know there probably isn't any fishing reel that is 100% water tight, 100% of the time. But I do believe this "design" makes the Spinfisher a little bit better than the Conflict. The Spinfisher also has the "Slammer" drag system, although that means little to me (it appears to just be a beefed up HT-100 drag system), searching on the net it appears to be liked by the "experts".

I recently got the Spinfisher V 8500 and the Fierce 8000 (combos from Bass Pro) and like'em both. For the money, hard to beat a Penn.
the spinfisher isn't nearly as smooth as the conflict being so overbuilt but it is a great option for bait soaking and bottom fishing but if im looking at a 4000 series only way i'd want to use the spinfisher over the conflict or battle is if im surf casting
I really want a quantum smoke 5000 inshore. Talk about a sexy reel. 25 pounds of drag.
Thought maybe the conflict would be about as sweet for less money.
I really want a quantum smoke 5000 inshore. Talk about a sexy reel. 25 pounds of drag.
I have a Quantum Smoke SL25PTS and a SL30PTS and love them.
I have a 25 smoke freshwater version and love it. For some reason I can cast a long ways with it.
What are you looking to do with this reel? While I think "smooth" is a relative term, you seem to indicate you want to do some heavy lifting.

The Conflict 4000 series has 15lbs of drag, you have to move up to the 5000 series to get 25lbs of drag. Comparatively, you would have to go to the 7000 series in the Fierce to get 25lbs of drag with the 4000 series having 13lbs of drag. The SSV series has 25lbs of drag on the 4000 series, bumping up to 30lbs of drag on the 5000 series.

Interestingly, all the Penns, for the most part, share the same gear ration across each series.
It would be paired to shimano teramar rod for big fish. Big drum, possibly cobia, big cats you name it.
Currently NEW reels on eBay, "Buy it Now" including shipping

Conflict 6000 (25lbs drag) - $118

Several Spinfisher Vs 4500 (25lbs drag) & 5500 (30lbs drag) - $110 to $127 (There is even a SSV 6500 for $127)

Obviously, you can hold a lot more (and consequently, bigger) line on the larger series reels. 390 yds of 40# braid on the Conflict compared to 250 yds of 40# braid on the SSV 5500.

At this point, it's all about what you want in the reel (line capacity, gear ratio, drag, etc.). Penn makes nice stuff, you'll be satisfied with whatever you choose.
My opinion. Big hard fighting fish, you can't beat a multiplier.
Like conventional? That would be a bit tricky to cast a bucktail to a cruising cobia wouldn't it?
No. You can cast bucktails with baitcasters fine.
I'm referring to the mechanics of reels. Hard pulling and hard running fish, you are much better off putting line directly on a spool instead of twisting and wrapping line on a spool.
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