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It was one of those mornings where you contemplate staying in bed. I am really glad I chose to grab the rain gear and head for the landing!! I love throwing top water plugs and for a majority of the morning the trout, rat reds and stripers where cooperating. I chunked a zara spook jr ( you can see in the attached video link) back into pocket, immediately I saw the wake coming for the bait...steady...steady..keep "walking" the bait..then the fish just sucked it down and the fight was on. The drum took me around the boat twice as I had to deal with two other rods out the back with baits dangling under corks, free fish right? Any how measured just a hair over 24 inches at 5 1/2 pounds.

Here is the link to charrison and I's channel (Last Cast Fishing Team ) and some footage of the day


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