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This evening I put the kayak in and went to my usual spots. Nothing doing, so I headed to a large flat with about a foot and a half of water and plenty of grass.Have seen many reds tailing recently, nose down feeding on crabs. Only in the late afternoon/evening though. I've thrown everything at them, but no takers.

Today was a different result. Threw a spook jr. over an area where I had seen reds earlier, still less than 2 feet of water. Spook got slurped down, no typical explosion or aggressive bite that I usually see when they strike. Once landed the fish was longer than my kayak is wide. Kayak is 31 inches, and his head and tail came over the sides. Rough estimate, 35 inches. Anyone have an idea what a fish that length would weigh? She was fat and healthy, know it's hard to tell without a pic.

I know everyone appreciates pics but sadly none for this fish. Left my phone in the car because I forgot my dry storage box-plus fish was exhausted and needed some recoup time before swimming off strong. Definitely gave my new stradic a workout tough. Will be head out again soon to try to snap a pic this go round, if another over slot decides to play. :)
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