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pier dweller

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Any luck on those fs-845's yet? I'm always on the lookout for fenglas blanks but rarely see one. Usually owned by somebody who will never use it or sell it. Thats why they are still out there. I've got a line on some old harrington's if you are interested. 721's 542's and 540's but they are in TX and they are pricey. I think they are worth the price, but then I still haven't coughed up the money for any yet. They make beautiful long rods and really fish good too.
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Sinker Man

Evidently you know how hard these things are to find, no luck yet, although I did see 3 Honey-colored SP903's in a guy's shop for $100 apiece. A little too rich for my blood. I almost traded one of my custom built rods for one of em. I had too much time invested in the one I built to be lettin go of it.
The Harrington blanks were similarly priced $130. for the 10' 542 model that I wanted but the $85 shipping charge was the real deal killer. I used to fish with this guy's whole family back in the mid 80's and they all could turn out some of the most beautiful rods I have ever seen. Back then a finished 542 was $160 if my memory serves me right. I couldn't tell if husband, wife, son, or daughter did the wrapping and finish. They were all flawless, yet each one was a different wrap. The dad went from meat cutter to major tackle shop owner whille I knew him. He worked out of his basement when he wasn't working or taking the family fishing. When they all came out on the pier with their rods you would have thought 'oil money' .lol They didn't dress fancy or act snobbish at all but them rods shore was pretty!
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