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Pier Openings

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So far I have the following announced pier openings:

Surf City - March 17th
Kure Beach - March 21st
Rodanthe Pier - April 1st

As I get more I will update the list at:

North Carolina Fishing Piers
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The Surf City Pier will re-open on Wednesday, March 19th at 6am....the first Va. Mullet caught will win the '08 Season Fishing Pass

"Pier Witch"
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Thanks for the correction.

The Outer Banks Fishing Pier will open on March 15th
I should have checked my email before the last post:

The Ocean Crest Pier and The Sunset Pier will open March 1st.
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Roadkilla...The Bouge Inlet Pier opens the 14th of March I think....Thanks alot for the job you're doing on the piers.
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I can't wait to get a chance at going pier fishing, haven't been for quite some time now.
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