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Pitch kettle nc

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I've been thinking about taking a trip down to pitch kettle in the spring, where is the best place to launch, pm me if needed. I'm looking to do some bream fishing.
Thanks for all the help
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The closest location to Pitch Kettle is Pelican Landing about a mile + or - down stream . It is just off River Rd and turn on Pelican Landing Rd . It is a pay ramp ...we kayak from there to Pitch Kettle. Need to CK and see if it is still open. The closest wildlife ramps is Maple Cypress ( Trigger suggested ) , Core Creek ( this is about one mile from PK) Turkey Quarter and Spring Garden ( this will be a bit of a run in a boat )
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The wild life ramps will be the nicer but if you have a creek boat then all are great . The water in the channels there seem to be able to support a wide variety of boats from the fast bass boats to pontoons . I only kayak so I would ask Rouse D on this site ....he fishes this area a lot!!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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