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Place to Keep My Kayak In Nag Head

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I'm going to be in Nags Head from August 4 to August 11. I'll be staying at the Outer Banks Beach Club near Kitty Hawk. They have told me that I cannot keep my kayak trailer on their property. I either need to find a place I can store my kayak and its trailer or some put in areas on the sound side if I have to carry my kayak on my rooftop. Any suggestions from would be appreciated.;):eek::cool:;)
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Glenn: For people like us, a MUST have is the GMCO Waterproof Chartbook of North Carolina. Maps of the coast with particular attention to fishing areas and ramps- even the NC Wildlife Ramps. You can order from or if you don't have enough time, I got mine at Orvis at Triangle Town Center. It was $35. I use it all the time. Unfortunately, most of the time I use it to dream about where I am going to go next (month that is). This website will also give you all the wildlife commission ramps too: North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

Good Luck!
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I had forgot that a friend of mine owns a home down the street from where I'm staying. He told me to just leave the kayak trailer under his house. This makes things a lot nicer. I plan on fishing everyday. if anyone plans on fishing in that area next week let me know?
Glenn, how was fishing? I moved to NC recently and I live in Wake Forest. I have been obsesed with striper/blues/false albie fishing (fly and spin) from the kayak in NY(LI) for a while, and now that I am down here, I am going through fishing withdrawal..I'm going to Nags head next week with the family, and I'm thinking about bringing the kayak or at least some rods at a minimun...any suggestions? Thank you...
wELCOME bASSBLUES99 be sure to say hey in the meet n greet section as we have alot of fresh and salt yakers here....
Welcome aboard '99'. I'm not to up on the summer striper fishery In the sounds up there but the water temps are probably a little too high for much striper action. The temps should start to change for the better in a few weeks I would think. I also have been waiting on Glenn to post a report. I know how it is coming back tired and behind everywhere you turn though.
Okay, here's my report. Wind blew out of the West, Southwest all week. I don't know if anyone caught many fish. On Tuesday I went out and waded into the water up to my hips. I was working the riff off the jetty on the south side of the Oregon Inlet bridge. That morning, the bait fish were abundant. So much so that every time I wiggled my line in the water baitfish would jump up and I could have caught them in a coffee cup. Caught a mess of Blues. They were only about 12 inches long, but abundant. 4 inch Bass Assassins, the ones that have a gray sparkle on top, white bottoms and chartreuse tails and the whitish glow-in-the-dark Assassins with the green tail on half ounce white jig heads worked predominantly. However, one was caught on a white/white round head bucktail. Trailers did not work on the bucktail. Lost about two to three dozen Bass Assassins because they were bitten in half. I did see a couple of Spanish Mackerels surfacing to feast on the baitfish. The next day I went back to the same spot, however, there were no baitfish. I met a tournament fishermen who chartered a half-day boat. He told me that they only caught a few small fish. The fish were gone also. That was all the fishing I could do because I had company show up. I also could not hook up with anyone, because my cell son was not working. They did tell me that Hatteras was working but I didn't have time to get down there. Oh, camera was broke to....sorry no pictures
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