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Plan A was better!

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Plan A for the weekend was to go out to 90Ft and find Mahi and yesterday we made it. We dropped lines at 7:00 AM and caught 8 Mahi (lost 3 or 4 right at the boat). We were trolling medium ballyhoo on Jr. Islanders, Sailures, and squid rigs behind a bird. They hit blue/white, pink/white, black, dolphin pattern, black/orange, & pink.

To top it off we caught a nice sailfish (blue/white Jr. Islander). Took about 45 minutes to land but it was a blast. Fish was released in good shape. Second citation in two days and my first sailfish. :D

Can't wait for next weekend!

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MAN!! Looks like you guys had a BLAST!!
Congratulations on some great fish,

Sweet! Nice pics.
Congrat's! and good job on the release!

Man, that 90 drop area is a good producer! Nice size sail, thanx for the pix
Thanks for the clean release on the Sailfish... Nice to see them prosper!!
Congratulations on your first sail. It had to be a rush. It's always hard counting the days till the next outing.
Absolutely jealous. Nice catch and pics. You lucky old salt. I know you had a blast and thank you for sharing.
All ahead full, Captain. Making short the next 5 days!
congrad on your second citation and your first sailfish
Very, Very nice! Great picture of that mahi too.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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