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as this big cold front which dropped the temps into the 20's this last week really brought some new ducks down..

we went into my lil slough this morning. the ducks were in there.. had a teal drop in just before light enough to wack em had to wait -man that was a long 10 mintues-i was forced to stand as the flooded grass was pretty well hiding her. let the old dog chase her down as it was not awfully cold this morning i took him. 5 woody's came in 1 out... the old dog was lovin it..we had 8 mallards start to work they made 2 circles and then left.. about then 14 woody's piled in and played hide and seek in the grass with the dekes. had the old dog wond tight..he kept lookin at me like "are you goin to shot dem or what?" seen a flock of snowy fly by-at there normal 02 sucking level-got to see the old dog act like a puppy fer once.he chased a muskrat round the slough for 5 mintues before the rat dove into a hole..

the old dog is probly sound asleep-and snorin- in his house by now.. he is 15 and semi blind -i rarely hunt him this late in the year-but he loves this stuff.. the younger dog was raisin cain this mornin when i got him out..

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