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Here's a report of action on the Middle White Oak.

Tried a little night fishing Friday without so much as a pinfish showing interest.

After some boat lift repairs and cigars Saturday morning, we went out and tried to round up show bait shrimp and only managed to find a couple dozen, smoked some cigars and didn't see any minnows.

Fished for a little while around lunch-time, but a big thunderhead moved in and forced us off the water until late afternoon. We headed in ate lunch smoked some cigars and went back out, but nothing to brag about.

Sunday morning was moderately better. We still didn't have much in the way of live bait when we headed out, but the big schools of 1 1/2 to 2 inch Pogies moved in and produced a couple small drum. I was still using squid strips and hooked up with 1 flounder, a half inch shy of keeper. I ran back to the dock picked up the wife, filled the net up with more pogies and scooted back out to her favorite spot where we found 2 more small drum.

On bright side, my father-in-law pulled in a record-size pinfish, one of the biggest I have ever seen ;) and my six year old son is learning to pilot our little boat without taking out too many crab pots. All in all, it was an enjoyable weekend with very little work.

I did hear the spot were starting their annual run, at least they were hiting in the ICW near the Swansboro bridges. I hope to make it down in the next couple of weeks to let the boy do some "two at a time" fishing.
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