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Poison Ivy

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I have found a new hazard to shore line fishing. I have what the doctor called one of the worse cases of poison ivy he has ever seen. Apparently when me and my bud went fishing someone had recently mowed up some poison ivy on and we walked right through it. He was lucky due to him having worn proper items such as long pants. This was spur of the moment so I did not have any with me. It sure stinks to be laid up with all this great weather and not allowed to venture outside of the house. Even worse is the fact that the yard work is building up so I'll have to take care of it before I can go fishing again. :( . What a bummer.
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I've gotten more sensitive to poison ivy in my old age as well. Never got it until college, now if I don't hit it with prescription-grade stuff fast, I'll be miserable for three weeks. I too got my last batch from bank-fishing in shorts. Another lesson learned....
First time for everything

This is the first time I have ever had a reaction. Doc says everyone is allergic to eventually. Said mine is so bad due to the it being freshly cut and lots of oil being available to get on my legs.
You can also get poison ivy in the winter when there are no leaves on the plants. Me and a buddy of mine were bank fishing this past January and I had a little bit all over my body. They sell a cream that is supposed to "prevent" it but I haven't tried it yet. Hope you get rid of that nasty stuff soon coach
if you can get it, old fasioned lye soap works great at getting rid of the rash, burt's bee's makes a good itch stopper too. the cream to "prevent" it is called rhuligell, but I think it is hard to find. we used it when I worked for the forest service when I was going to college.
lol i am 33 and i could roll around in it nekkid an it won't effect me any.. i don't know why always been this way.. same with poison oak and sumac..

<cringe> my nickel says that one of these days you'll regret such a romp, zook... (and I'm already regretting the image)

The resin is not just found in the leaves, from what I read -- the stems, and I think the berries as well... And it doesn't go away when the plant dies, either. So after you hit it with 2,4,D, ya still gotta suit up in long sleeves and gloves to finish getting rid of it.

Or call zook and let him pull it out.
I think the offensive material is found in the the oil of the plant. And every part of the plant has the oil, some parts like the leaves transmit it more readily but all have it. that's why you can get it in the winter or from a dead plant - the oil is still there.

Worst thing you can do is try to rub it off - the oil just spreads - don't use water, the water will cause the oil to spread too - just try to "dab" off as much of the oil as possible with a swab or cotton patch.
yes, it's the oil I have caught it in the middle of winter because I forgot to wash my hunting clothes after coming back from down east. anything that will dry your skin out will get rid of it. also, don't pop the blisters, it doubles the spread of it in no time:eek:
It can also get in your lungs and throat if someone is burning the stuff and you breath in the smoke.

According to the Doc everyone is allergic to it all depending on the level of the oil and different other variables. I also used to be able to fall in the stuff and not worry about but I will from now on. I literally fell out of a tree a few years ago and no one would come help me up due to me landing in a large area of poison ivy and nothing happened to me. So Zook, be careful I'd hate to get one of these boils I got on my leg on my third loving for a while and having to explain the scars...:D
ouch dang.. way to make a guy feel loved huh??lol i probly will get it one of these days..

seening most of you are married i think wedding cake has the chemicals to make you catch it.. i aint married so i may be on to some thing here..


ha ha ha ha... Zook's killin me! Dang if he probably isnt right though... could be the cake weakens the immune/patience systems...

Horrible to hear though for a bad reaction to poison ivy... stinks for sure.
Tick's are the ones ya really gotta watch for too when out in tall grass/woods
yeah my dawg just got over have rocky moutain spotted fever spent a week at the vet. they are bad in the triad this year..

I've found the best way to be unfriendly to ticks is to not give them a place to hide, like hair on your head. just so happens that this certain condition occurs naturally within the males of my family:p
umm i aint saying i have long hair. but i do have more hair than most-every where...

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