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Killed it today! Neighbor took me around and showed me some ponds today. Got out late in the morning....but it didn't faze. After removing my new Rapala D-T from his elbow (was deep and sounded like I unlipped a bass) we were off and running! Hit Fuguay, Angier, and Lillington. All fish were caught on soft plastics on my end. My buddy found a nice school with a Terminator white spinnerbait, but other then that...they were all caught on plastics. Mostly drop shot and T-Rig. Nailed some nice fish. No scale but the first pic I'm gonna post was the biggest. Maybe someone can help with eyeballing the weight. Buddy said 4+. I say 6+. Caught some others I didnt take pics of or the pic was messed up when I checked it out. Anyhow, I sure did enjoy my only day off!
Water Shorts Plant Sleeve Tree
Water Smile Shorts Fisherman Sleeve
Water Plant Fisherman Fish Grass
Water Vertebrate Lake Watercourse Fisherman
Water Vertebrate Fish Fin Plant
Water Plant Grass Fisherman Fish
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