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Ponds in Charlotte

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Anyone know of any good ponds (or small lakes) in Charlotte where you can meander the banks and cast for bass? I don't own a boat and like to pond fish, but haven't been able to find any good locations.
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Google Earth

Have you tried looking at charlotte with google earth? I recently found a whole bunch of lakes and ponds around Fayetteville by doing this. Only drawback is that it seems as if you must have broadband to use it.
Name of a park

I recently was at another forum and saw this park in charlotte referenced as having good fishing in a short amount of time. Never been there so I don't know for certain but they said that Freedom Park was good. Hope I've helped ya out.
Goto the golf school that is attached to Ballentyne Resort Golf Course. You can park in the golf school parking lot and then walk down the cart path to the tunnel that goes under the street. Go through the tunnel. When you exit the tunnel leave the cart path and follow the line of trees to your right this will take you to a path that cuts through the woods and opens up to a pond that is on one of the holes(not sure which one). This pond is lunker heaven. There is a sign that states the 20 or so rules for fishing the pond. But as long as you dress decently, keep quiet, and don't disturb any golfers no one will give you any problems.

Make sure you bring heavy tackle
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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