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Poor luck at Falls Lake

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I've been to Falls Lake twice since I bought my boat and have caught a total of 3 bass in about 16 hours of fishing. Pathetic, I know :rolleyes: . My favorite lure is a plastic worm or lizard. I have never had luck with poppers, cranks, jerks, spinners or jigs. Why? Not sure. The 3 bass I have gotten so far have all been off plastics. I tried a popper for 45 mins last wednesday morning and didnt even get a splash with it. I was fishing in a tournament (really just for fun, since I am still learning here) and I noticed that the other guys were trolling around the edge of Falls Lake and I was trying the coves. When I fished in Mass and NH , all I had to do was find a lily pad patch and hold on tight. It seems different here for some reason. Any helpful words of advice? This goes for the same at lake Wheeler, caught nothing on my casting rod, but got a crappy and catfish on the shiner I was trolling behind me. Thanks in advance.
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