For Sale – “Poor Man’s Bass Boat”

I priced this based on the local JonBoat dealer telling me it would be sold in less than a week – obviously he didn’t know what he was talking about. I don’t need to sell it but at 83 years old it is getting too much for me to drag out of the water by myself. I have it at a 35 acres gated community lake but still a pain to manage by myself. I’d like to sell it so I can buy one of those 8ft Bass Buddy boats. Asking price is $1050 for the whole mess. I’d consider selling just the boat with seats and boat loader if that works for you. Make a reasonable offer.

Modified 12 ft Lowes Aluminum Jon Boat
New transom (rated for 7 ½ Hp engine – not included)
Bucket seats (2) on swivels
Foot controlled trolling motor
One man truck top boat loader (attaches to rear trailer hitch – swivel boat around to front. Boat also fits in rear of regular size pickup for short hauls)
$1750 1050 obo - Al Kittredge 910-624-3457