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After a last minute change in plans, master troutsman C.Lane and I decided to activate Plan B at Spot #423, and we took the gamble in a stiff NE wind. I recieved an encouraging text around 5 a.m. that he was feeling good about our final decision.

So I loaded up the kayak with all intentions to slime it thoroughly. Armed with 17MR mirrolures and Rapala X-raps, we only picked up one fish on our first stop, so we did what we do best and started covering water. The fish were extremely scattered but we managed to locate some quality specks by slow trolling and casting to the bank, as the wind pushed us further. We only had a couple keepers by 11 a.m. so we started making our way back. (We had covered several miles at this point.) On the way something big hit C.Lane's 17, and he said, "I just had a big hit". Immediately after that, he hooked up and i knew it was gonna be a nice one when his drag started screaming. After an epic fight he landed this beautiful 5.77 lb. citation trout @ 26 inches.

We knew we were on them at this point, so we began to pound the immediate area thoroughly and picked up several 19-22" fish to complete both our limits. Some fish were deep, and others were right up in the grass. My fish ranged from 17-22", but C.Lane had the magic hand today and was pushing a 15 pound aggregate with his 4 fish! Another awesome day for Dem Neuse River boys!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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