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Not sure what's changed that makes my pics show up as thumbnails when I post from tapatalk all of a sudden but I took a few minutes and figured this out. I noticed that when I attached a pic instead of img as usual it would be attach. I tried as some of you may have seen a few things before figuring it out. Very simple.

You'll need to select the three dots to the right of the Twitter icon on the below pic. This will bring you to the next page (also pictured). This is what has changed I think. Mine is selecting attachment under the photo sharing page by default (2nd pic). I don't think that's always been an option there. You'll need to switch it to Tapatalk. This will enable you to post full size pics from mobile versions via tapatalk.

I'm not sure if everyone has had this issue arise but I hope this will assist you. If I can help further please let me know.

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