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So this guy I used to work with lives on a lake out in the rolesville area and he invited me out to come to fish. The lake looked good on google earth but couldn't tell how easy to fish etc. When I arrived my jaw almost dropped nice clear bank on about 30% of the lake just some grass about calf high to walk through and stand in to fish. Started him off with a wacky rigged senko and he had never used a spinning reel before so took him through the motions of how to cast it. As he is working on the casting I put on a red eye 1/2 oz and first cast lure barely hits the water and fish on. A few minutes later he says hey I think I have a bite I said let it take it and when line tightens pull he did and got a nice 2#.

I went back to my spot after taking picture of him with his fish and releasing it and kept working the red eye. I ended up with 12 bass in less than 1:30 in the heat of the afternoon. All but two were on red eyes last two on T rigged senko. What a great little lake he didn't catch anymore since the heat was getting to him after 5 minutes so he just sat in the shade and watch me catch fish.

I am trying hard to get him interested in fishing since this is such great little lake and he owns it!!!!
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