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When you registered to be a member of you were sent a "confirmation email" to validate that your email address was correct. Many folks use 'webmail' addresses such as hotmail, yahoo, MSN, etc. and many of these services have spam filters activated that block automated email sends. Since our confirmation email is automatically generated by our server (this makes the response immediate and eliminates the possibilities of human error) sometimes our confirmation email gets blocked. As a result we've had up to more than a dozen new users at a time stuck in "email confirmation" mode.

I have eliminated the email confirmation step. All users that were in email confirmation purgatory have been released. This will make registration easier for us all. The down side is if you enter an incorrect email address I cannot communicate with you unless you contact me by email or through our forums.

If anyone is having any problems at all logging in to the site or you have any technical questions about the site, please do not hesitate to email our support team at [email protected].

We are gratified that you have chosen to be a part of the North Carolina Angler community and we want your online information fishing experience to be a pleasant one. There are many of our members who have yet to post their first message or question. I hope you'll consider 'casting a line' today! Pick a forum of your interest and post a note to say hello or ask a question. That shared collaboration will make your online guide to fishing in North Carolina.

Tight lines all! And remember to fish for the future ... practice catch and release. ;)
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