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Many of you are familiar with our product and service review section of the web site, maybe some haven't had a chance to try it out yet. We are in the process of "sprucing" up the section and have already accomplished quite a few updates based on user input. More changes and updates are in the works. A lot of new products have been added too!

I encourage you to take a peek and browse through the reviews. Then post a few reviews of your own based on products you have used. Also please PM me with any suggestions or questions you may have regarding the review section.

Each product has two sections - the main section is the product description and usually contains a picture of the product and details on it's features. Once a product has been added (uploaded) to the database, user reviews can be posted for that product, there is an unlimited number of reviews allowed per product description and they are listed sequentially after the product description.

Right now all registered members can upload new product descriptions as well as review products. However if you don't feel comfortable uploading a new product description (I usually borrow the words and picture from the manufacture's web site), just PM me or send an email to [email protected] and we'll load the product for you and then you can review it.

Happy reviews to ya!

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A special thank you to Topsail Angler and Jeffonc for getting this going. I have always felt that the product reviews section could be a powerful resource for our members. Thanks also to those of you that have taken time to add products and review them. ;)
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