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Fished the pungo on sun morning with my girl and found a lot of small fish. When I say a lot, I mean we caught 30 flounder all 14.5" and smaller. The wind was still howling out of the N to NE. I found fish all over, in all the right areas but no size. Around lunch we almost gave up when I tried one last spot and it paid off, big time. Caught two decent keepers back to back. Worked a little further down the bank and then "thump", hardest thump all summer. 19.5" keeper in the boat. Next point down I ran my shrimp across a log and got hung up. I knew it was a big one, no thump just dead weight. I set the hook and drag is screaming. Got the fish to the boat and it was right at 20". A great day on the water, even with the wind and I got my two biggest flatties of the year. It should only get better and better!!!


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