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Thanks guys! No pictures as I was out for a stroll with a pole; didn't take anything I couldn't wade with and walked up and down the beach a little while this morning.

I caught one fish that looked like a legless lizard. Fairly small (10"?), tiny tail, tube shaped with a wide mouth and a couple of rows of very sharp teeth. I did have fish grips.

Then the spanish started busting in close again and I got a big hit but didn't get it in. A couple of casts later I sent the Gotcha spoon plug over the horizon - the line broke at the last loop for a hook above the spoon. I am thinking that must have been where the strike was.

So I tied on the cast master Big E gave me at the pier the other night below the remaining loops and hooks and hit pay dirt! It was a borderline keeper, but probably slightly under (didn't have a ruler) so I let it go. I am still seeing some out there, but mostly just past the breakers. I may try again in a few before the weather rolls in (looks like it will noonish).

But it felt good to finally hook up with the target species. Many thinks to all the contributors on that how to thread.

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Awesome!!! As I said I keep those in stock and that's all I throw! Glad you got one. Now as the lure gets closer to the beach, slow it down and keep the rod tip low, drum and flounder are in the white foamy water at your feet! Trust me! Good job and good luck!! :D
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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