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Yesterday afternoon I took my newer Yamaha FXHO out for a test drive, I had not used it for six months and wanted to make sure all was good before I tow four of my custom rigged PWC's to Key West Florida soon.
A test run for me usually includes fishing and yesterday was no exception. Everything performed flawlessly, jet ski ran great and I caught 12 Tautog using live fiddlers in big swells around the piles of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.
I have been to Key West many moons ago but only for diving and before I was into Jet Ski Fishing. This time I am towing four PWC's down there and staying for a week with some friends. While there we we will be fishing, diving and spear fishing. All of my daylight hours will either be spent on or in the water.
While there if the weather permits I am going to run a couple of skis across to the Dry Tortugas, Fort Jefferson.
If anyone has some great suggestions of "you gotta do this while there" please let me know. I always want to try something different while on vacation.

Here are some some pictures from yesterday while on my "test run" and a couple of the Bald Eagles at my house.


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Where or how do you get the fiddlers? Do you remove the large claws on the males and hook through the joint where you removed the claw? Single or double hook rigs? You must have a freezer full of those blackfish. What is the biggest this year?

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