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Rainbow Trout in Lake Lynn

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Last night I was talking to a guy about various fish species in the lake. He says he was talking to a guy a few weeks back that claimed he caught a rainbow trout in Lake Lynn. Lake Lynn at its deepest is maybe 12 - 15 feet I can not believe a trout would survive in that water through the summer. He says he challenged the guy and he was certain it was a rainbow. No pics were provided but I find it hard to even Phantom. I know a local guy in Apex stocks his pond with bows but they usually die out by June. could a trout survive in these lakes???
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I believe rainbow trout are sold as striped bass and hybrid striped bass bait throughout the state.

Could be somebody obtained some bait size trout and stocked them.

I know I have seen trout for sale around Lake Norman before.

There are private hatcheries in the mountains that do sell rainbow trout (and rarely any other species) but it would take a large order I would think for them to drive trout to Raleigh area.
very possible....hasn't been hot enough to kill them until recently and you said he caught it a few weeks ago....someone could of put 1 in there and he caught it.
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