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Last week at the Sunset Beach ramp we tied off and waited our turn. In front of us was a guy and his family that tied off inside the ramp itself, no biggie, he's going to walk up and get his truck.

Didn't happen.

He proceeded to sit there not allowing anyone else access to the ramp while he attempted to remove an eel from his leader. Approx 30 minutes later he gave up and went for his truck. It gets better

We are now 6 boats deep waiting our turn to load up. We now find out that he has zero experience backing a trailer. If I had not been so darned frustrated I would have laughed out loud. You could here his wife say "turn left, too far, now turn right" whereby he proceeded to turn his steering wheel in that direction versus the boat. Roughly 40 minutes later his boat was on the trailer.

But that's not all

He proceeded to pull up and PARK directly in front of the ramp which would not allow anyone else access until he moved. I told him he needed to move it and he did.

The six boats waiting had all trailered their boats and he was still working on his boat. All I could hear him tell his wife is "shut up and clean the boat"

My wife would have snapped
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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