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Ramseur City Lake

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Went to Ramseur yesterday to get in a little fun fishing. Was hoping the bigger bass was biting. Went to the creek looking for a buzzbait bite early but just was not there. Picked up a spinnerbait and caught 2 small bass quick. Got 3 more on the spinnerbait by the time I got back out to the lake. Put spinnerbait down and started running the bank with all sorts of baits. Seen lots of beds but they were empty. Still a lot of movement in the shallows but couldn't tell what.
Caught a 2 pounder on a jig and he had big bream tail down in his throat. Little while later got another with a bream tail in his too. That rang a bell. Bass moved out and bream took over. Tied on a green pumpkin wacky worm and started hitting the backs of coves and shallow spots. Picked up a 4 pounder and a 3 pounder, biggest of the day but got about 5 more bucks before I got back to the ramp.
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Did better than we did at HPCL today. Matt got a 12 incher on a spinnerbait, our only bass bite. By ten thirty I had enough, so we started throwing little beetlespins near the grass and caught 20 crappie and five white perch. Mostly hand sized or better, but didn't have a cooler so back they went. Saved the day for us. Bass are certainly bedding now..
Nice job, Mike. Thanks for the report!
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