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Better late than never....

I was out last Sunday afternoon and we have officially entered the numbers portion of the Randleman program. I fished from 11:30 to close and boated 23 bass and one sunfish that managed to get stuck with a 3/0 worm hook. I lost my biggest fish of the day (3+ lbs by the look of it). Somehow it managed to spit a Trokar hook on a jump and flip me the fin. Anyhow, the dinks are showing up in force. Of the 23, I had 7 keepers, of which, 3 or 4 would have cracked 2lbs (most fish were in the 10-13" range). I caught fish on a bunch of different lures. T-rig, C-rig, swim jig, DT10, and Red Eye Shad all produced fish. Some fish are starting to show up on main lake points, but most of the fish are still in the creeks. Water temps were 82-85.

I also had some friends on the lake the same day. They put on early and had an incredible start to the day. In the back of a cove they caught 11 in 30 minutes on topwater and cranks. When I met up with them around noon the action had slowed down but they had 30 or so in the boat. Like me, most were dinks but a couple 2 lb fish and one 3 lb fish.

If you remember the old Burger King commercial about 'have it your way' that is what you've got out there right now. You should be able to catch a fish on just about anything you want to throw.

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Good job Andrew. I wasn't able to make it out this week, too much going on. I'd rather catch small ones all day long in June than get skunked in January!
Don't get skunked in January, just fish with Jim and me at Belews. ;) We don't always catch a lot of fish but there are usually at least a couple willing to go boating.

Andrew, that's about right for the time of year I guess. I have been looking at some maps :cool: and trying to think of some deeper spots to try this summer, will see what happens. I'm glad you got in some fish. I'm missing my home waters, been working and out of town but I am likely to get there tomorrow, will let you know.
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