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Hadn't had as much time to fish lately with work and life but went on a vacation to mountains this past weekend, we stayed in Arden NC and the property we stayed on had a private pond. I didn't know this at the time but apparently it was stocked with some trout and got a pleasant surprise when reeling in what I thought was a bass ended up being a beautiful rainbow trout. Weather was beautiful, we had couple other leisurely activities planned so didn't fish anywhere but the pond but it was great being able to wake up, walk 100ft and be at a nice body of water with plenty of fish in it. Caught maybe 15 bass/trout over the weekend and had a couple of firsts over the weekend for fishing:

1) Caught a fish while line was draped over a tree limb. I've always thought when this happens how nice it would be to get some additional weight on the end of your lure to help pull through the tree limb and avoid having to run treble hooks through the tree and fresh leaves... after many attempts at trying before doing so it finally happened and it was on a top water bait so it was pretty cool and somehow worked out just as I had planned in my head and was able to pull line through limbs with added weight. Picture attached of the lucky bass that helped out.

2) First rainbow trout obviously, pretty little guy and attached a picture of it as well. I've never seen/heard of anyone catching trout on a hard-plastic swimbait (but I could just be undereducated), I had a bluegill patterned one (Pic attached) where the hooks and bait size just seemed much bigger than a trout would go for. It kind of surprised me but wanted to do some research to see if this was normal or I just got lucky. Caught a couple on it within 30 minutes or so though so for whatever reason they were liking it that day.

3) Caught my first rainbow trout foul-hooked in the tail with a texas rigged worm.... I didn't have the tip texposed back into the plastic but there was almost zero gap between hook and worm so I have not idea how this happened but I'm going to attribute it to sheer luck for me and the opposite for the fish. Didn't seem to do much damage to him though as I got him off and he swam away just fine.

Since being back in town I've only hit a small local lake for about an hour each time because the weather has been so nice just bringing one rod and tossing small crankbaits. I have been losing a lot of fish lately after looking up and before I get them on bank with crankbaits and I think mostly it's user error and need to work on stronger sweeping hookset and try to apply even more constant pressure to keep them pinned. Switched to a larger lipless I like yesterday and ended up finding out that there are catfish in this body of water, been a while since I've accidently caught one of those but luckily I somewhat remembered how to grab them safely and got him off. If anyone knows what type of cat this was feel free to chime in.


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