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I think the white bass run is just about over. Not as good for me as last year. I did have 2 days where I caught 40+ each day but most were smaller males. A keeper has to be 14 inches and if its a female with eggs that is quite a fish.

I had a few catfish trips too up at Kerr Lake. No big girls but I have managed a few ,just no pics. None were bigger than 10 lbs.

Fished a paddle only lake today. Trolled a 3way rig and a spoon. I caught my first fish about 100 yards from the launch. I continued to get fish consistently for the next 4 hours. I had 20+ plus for the day.
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Most were small white bass that are probably making their way back into the lake after spawning in the river.

The gar pictured bit a shallow shad rap. Pretty good tussle. I was trying to get him turned right side up when he thrashed and I basically threw it back in the water. That is why the picture is of its belly.

I ordered a boat from Xtreme Boats in Florida. I ordered the Brute 16 footer. These are built to the customers specs. It will cost more than a mass produced boat but it will be built how I want it. They build the trailers too. Trailer is aluminum so I can dip it in the salt and not have to worry. Production should start middle of June so I should get it in July. I’m going with a 60 hp Suzuki and a side console. I still have to pick out a trolling motor and electronics.

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