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Haven't posted lately because of the holidays and trying to satisfy the wife's honey-do list.

We did fish the past two Sundays without much luck. On 21Nov we fished Swanquarter. At the Oyster Creek ramp at 0540 where air temps at that time were high 30's. Water temp was 51 F and clarity was good at 2-3 feet. We fished the Haulover, Blowout and numerous creek mouths with almost no success. Tried Mirror lures and Gulps (pearl white swimming mullets) and just never found a solid bite. We did manage two flounder, one about 8" and the other a nice fat 20". Both were returned to the water immediately with a promise to visit again next season. Not a great day of fishing but a nice day on the water, nevertheless.

On 28Nov we fished South Creek on a tip. Arrived at the ramp at 0520 hrs. Air temp at the time was a chilly 34 F, water temp was 44 F and clarity was the best I've seen this year with a solid 3-5 feet of visibility. We tried every gut and creek mouth between the Wildlife ramp and the Pamlico with almost no success (some shorties but no keepers). Decided to run some old gas out of the tank so we crossed the Pamlico and tried a couple of spots in North Creek with again, little luck. Desperate for fish made the decision we should hit the Pungo so we motored down river and up the Pungo all the way to the bridge at Pungo Creek where we finally found a few hungry trout. Slow trolling (1.5-2.3 knots/hr) in 8-10 ft of water we managed to pick up a few keepers while missing a bunch. We trolled Gulp Pearl White Swimming Mullets with a one ounce trolling weight set 6 ft in front of our lures. The trout were cooperative but we just kept missing them on the strikes. Water temp at this time was 47 F.

Lots of boats out and we saw a few fish boated. Another lesson appears the trout are now moving further up the creeks. Added a few fillets to the freezer, had a great day on the water, not a bad day all-in-all! Anyone wanting to share tips on where to find a solid bite, DM me.
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