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Okay, I'm not getting any younger,,, I need a lighter canoe. The criteria are as follow:
-Light(under 70 lb.)...Royalex, Kevlar etc. no more polypropylene!
-will be used locally on "tame" rivers...New, Dan, Yadkin, Mayo
-16-17', all around uasge...recreation, fishing, camping
-tandem, no need for solo convertability
-my idea of canoeing is keeping the boat straight...minmal paddling. That's why God made rivers so the current would do all the work!
-no hurry, I'm probably going to list a deal on my current boat here while the weather's still warm and watch the classifieds in Jan-Feb. for an ex with revenge on her mind, lol!

...but I can tell you if I come across a pristine Blue Hole that's been babied and stored indoors...she's gone!
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