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Recommendations for fish finder

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I would like to hear from you on the pro's and con's of your kayak fish finders, if you use one.

I am currently considering the Cuda 168, I am not sure that there are many more out there.

Thoughts and comments welcomed,

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I've gotten along pretty good without one but the two yaks I have now I had well before anyone was putting fishfinders on yaks. Installation would be pretty tough to do without making the boat less user friendly for other types of fishing. I like to keep it simple with these boats but I do want another kayak which would probably have a built in livewell and battery compartment and a small depthfinder to help pinpoint places to fish. that is probably 2yr.s down the road at this point so I haven't looked at depthfinders lately. AL
This may be a bit late in the thread but here goes ...

I have a Humminbird PirhanaMax 15 mounted on my Ocean Kayak Prowler 15. I have mine mounted on the 'yak with the transducer running through-hull and being held in place with vaseline. I am continuing to work on a better transducer mount.

I enjoy having the depth finder on the yak - especially when I am scouting water for holes and drop-offs. I don't particularly believe the fish icons but do use the info to find likely spots to fish.

Just my 2 cents worth.
all i use my finder for is to find depth..

I just purchased a Cuda 168 from Bass Pro. I believe it is an excellent value. You can the manual to learn more about it by going to
Maybe I'd better clarify what I mean when I say that my transducer is "thru hull". That does not mean that I cut a hole in the hull of my yak. It means that the 'ducer shoots throught he plastic hull. It is stuck down with vaseline.

If you mount the 'ducer with vaseline (or goop or some other silicone type product), make sure to not get air bubbles in the adhesive. Air bubbles cause poor (sometimes unusable) readings.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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