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MOREHEAD CITY – The Marine Fisheries Commission Red Drum Fishery Management Plan Advisory Committee will meet Tuesday, April 15, 2008, at 6:00 p.m. at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Washington Regional Office, 943 Washington Square Mall, Washington.

The committee will review and discuss public comments from the Regional Advisory Committee meetings on the Red Drum Fishery Management Plan Amendment One, as well as the preferred options.

For more information, contact Lee Paramore at 252-473-5734 or [email protected] or Kelly Mullen at the Marine Fisheries Commission Headquarters in Morehead City at 252-808-8022.

Meeting agenda is attached


Tuesday, April 15, 2007 6:00 p.m.
NCDENR Regional Office, Washington, NC


· Introduction

· Modifications to the Agenda

· Approval of Minutes
December 11, 2007

· Public Comment (comment period per speaker will be limited based on the number of participants wishing to speak)

· Draft FMP, Amendment One - Review Comments from Public Meetings

· Discuss Preferred Options

· Other Issues

· Next Meeting

Role of Fishery Management Plan Advisory Committees:
The Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF), through the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, is charged with the preparation and writing of proposed Fishery Management Plans (FMP) for adoption by the Marine Fisheries Commission (MFC). To assist the DMF in the development of FMPs, the Chair of the MFC appoints a fishery management plan advisory committee (AC) that is composed of commercial fishermen, recreational fishermen, scientists, and others, all with expertise in the fishery for which the FMP is being developed. The following are the specific roles of appointed advisors in assisting the DMF in the development of FMPs:
* Assist DMF staff in identifying and evaluating management issues and options to be addressed in the FMP,
* Evaluate the impacts of management options on the resource and user groups;
* Review and provide comments on all sections of the draft FMP for completeness and accuracy;
* Assist the DMF in informing the public on the issues contained in the FMP;
* Attend public meetings held in advisors’ regional area;
* Solicit comments from peers and bring comments back to the AC.
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