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Went out Friday evening with a buddy to see if we couldn't put a couple fish in the boat. In my usual fashion I went after the trout first and after trolling about two miles down a flat tossing spooks and MRs I decided I should give it up and try to go catch a drum. We rolled back and set up by the mouth of a creek to let some cut bait soak. Within a few minutes my buddy had something big take the cut bait but it somehow managed to slip off a circle hook. Freshened up the bait and within another five minutes the rod slams over in the holder. A few minutes later and my friend boated a beautiful 29" red that was released after carefully reviving her and receiving a pretty serious scolding from me about proper handling of big reds. Vertebrate Fisherman Fish Fishing Ray-finned fish

About another 20 minutes went by and it was time to go meet up with another friend of mine to see if we couldn't find a black drum or two. Met up with him at a creek off the ICW that has been full of shrimp lately and caught 6 dozen or so decent bait sized shrimp and headed to a bridge that I've had some luck at in the past. It took a while to get everything set up but once we were situated it was fast and furious. I've caught black drum pretty quickly before but never quite like this. For about an hour we were dragging them in about as fast as we could bait a hook. Some small ones mixed in and the occasional oyster toad but plenty of good keeper fish. At one point my friend hooked into a fish that made his spinfisher 9500 make some noise and I got really excited but the hook broke free after about 10 seconds. All in all it was an awesome experience with plenty of meat for the freezer and a few from 27-30 inches that we released.

The red was caught in about 2 feet of water and the black drum were all holding right by a drop that goes from 3ft to around 8ft. Black drum small and large were caught pretty much anywhere on the drop with the largest coming from the shallowest water. We were hitting them best on the end of outgoing tide and by the time it was coming back in they had disappeared entirely. Red was caught on cut crab and all the black drum on shrimp. Food Plant Grass Hat Landscape
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