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Redfish 12 vs. Redfish 14

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Just curious what the pros/cons are for each model. Do you need the extra 2 feet? Is one more stable than the other? Does one track better than the other? Any advice is appreciated. I would like to use it in lakes, inshore and near shore. Im about 5'9" and 170, dont plan on standing up, but who knows, i might one day. I sold the idea to the wife to buy a kayak when i get home in June/July, so i am trying to do as much research as i can before then. Thanks in advance for any info!
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I fish out of a Redfish 14 and I really like it. I'm about 5'8, 165lbs and I sre can't stand up for any period of time, I definitely don't feel comfortable enough to cast while standing. I have never paddled the 12' but I would imagine that the 14' tracks better due to the longer length and is more stable due to the 1" added width. If you are fishing lakes and inshore you don't need a short boat for tight manuverability (the 14 isn't too hard to manuver anyway), so I feel that the 14 is an obvious choice here if you have the extra ~$100.
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Pros for the 12
- 2 feet shorter = easier to store
- 2 feet lighter = easier to carry, load/unload
- 1 inch narrower = easier to paddle

Pros for the 14
- 2 feet longer = better tracking
- 50lbs more capacity
- 1 inch wider = more stable

For the most part none of them are huge differentiators, unless you've only got 13' of storage space. I can't really speak to the difference in tracking as I've only paddled the 14.

(ooh - I missed the price difference... that can be a biggie!)
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