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Pre-2007 Marquesa was the stripped version, Redfish was the fishing version (pre-configured with rod holders) - same exact hull. In 2007 Marquesa is gone and you can get Redfish as the base version or Redfish Angler with the fishing options pre-configured.

Available in 10', 12' and 14' models.

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Specifications from Heritage website (2007 model Redfish 14')
Length: 14' (427cm)
Width: 31" (79cm)
Depth: 12” (30cm)
Kayak Weight: 72 lbs. (33kg)
Cockpit Length: 53” (135cm)
Cockpit Width: 18.5” (47cm)
Bow Hatch Length: 9.25” (23cm)
Bow Hatch Width: 9.25” (23cm)
Stern Well Length: 33” (84cm)
Stern Well Width: 18” (46cm)
Capacity: 400 lbs. (181kg)

Suggested Usage
Fishing: Excellent
Recreational: Excellent
Touring: Excellent
Extended Touring: Excellent
Small ponds: Excellent
Lakes: Excellent
Light Ocean: Excellent
River (1-2) : Excellent
Maneuverability: Excellent
Tracking: Excellent


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I have a 2006 Marquesa in Red.

Bought mine at a truckload sale in 2006. Had the dealer add flush mount rod holders aft, scotty on the console, screw hatch behind the seat, a couple of sets of deck lashing and eyes for an anchor trolley system.

I chose the Redfish/Marquesa for its combination of weight capacity, speed/tracking, and price. You can get boats that hold more weight, you can get faster boats, but its hard to find both, impossible at the price of a Redfish. Good all-around fishing kayak. High back seat is nice. Big tankwell has a molded bucket holder - great for bait.

Large flat cockpit is reinforced with 2" layer of foam.

Some folks stand and pole/sight fish. At 6'4" this is a a tricky proposition for me. I can stand easily enough, but its hard for me to push around or sit back down.

Has a very flat bottom, but 14' length tracks well.

Negatives are the combination of smallish front hatch, foam filled cockpit floor and flat bottom - makes rod storage in the hatch nearly impossible. Certainly no 7'ers.
Also flat bottom may be a liability in the surf (surf boats generally have more rocker & keel for taking waves better - I haven't tried, so don't know).

----------- Update early 2008 -----------
I wound up having some issues with my truckload sale boat once it got hot outside - seemed that some of the plastic in the deck was pretty thin and it started to cave in. Made a trade-up for a new retail version Redfish that also came with a rudder and I'm even happier with this one. Clearly heavier/better plastic and the rudder makes a world of difference for turning and fighting current/wind. I highly recommend the rudder.

------------ Update late 2008 ------------
Still have this kayak. Still love this kayak. Super stable, super comfortable. The new (2007) Heritage "clamshell" padded seat is outstanding. changing my rating to a '9'.

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Is this the one you let me borrow last year?

If so, it was so steady even I didn't fall out of it! :eek:


yeah i have the redfish 12 and my next add on is a rudder. other than that a very comfortable fishing kayak i love mine
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