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About a week and a half ago while kayak fishing on a river near home, I had the unpleasant experience of breaking my 8wt. No battle with a behemoth caused this failure, just my stupidity (and perhaps a weak spot in the blank?). I was casting toward the bank and my fly got snagged in a tree. It didn't appear to be truly coiled or embedded, just laying precariously on a branch. I gave the rod a SLIGHT tug and SNAP! It's like the rod didn't flex, the leader didn't give, and my knots said "no such luck". I was amazed that the slight pull I gave caused the rod to completely buckle in two. But alas, that's neither here nor there....

Rather promptly after returning home from the river I filled out the warranty return form for Redington, packed up my broken rod, and sent it off via the USPS. I was amazed that delivery from North Carolina to Washington only took the postal service about a day and a half! I sent it on Monday afternoon and they received it Wednesday morning. Very impressive USPS!

Because the rod I broke is no longer made by Redington, I requested in the "special instructions" box of the warranty return form that they replace it, if possible, with a Vapen Red 9' 8wt. They never called or emailed, but I was notified on Friday that FedEx would be delivering a package from them for me. Now the wait began... For some reason, FedEx took 6 full days to ship the same parcel that took USPS 1.5 days.

But finally, yesterday afternoon, the package arrived and I eagerly opened it up, hoping to see some new rod tube and a shiny new Vapen inside.

Instead I saw this. My same rod tube :(

I tried not to be upset and figured they must've had another CPX sitting around the shop.

I pulled out the rod sock, hoping that they had just elected to reuse my old tube, but put the new rod inside. Again, no such luck... :( :(

Really trying to not be disappointed, and reminding myself that I did enjoy the CPX (once I found a line that it liked), I decided to take the rod out and lawn cast a little, and see if I could figure out whether it was a new rod or just a replacement section.

Lo and Behold!! :eek:

:D:D:D Redington! You guys are just cruel!

I was completely taken off guard. I did NOT expect to see this rod come out of my old sock! I immediately lined it up, and went out to the lawn to test cast. The difference between this rod and the old CPX is like night and day.

If I could only use one word to describe the Vapen, it would be: "effortless". This rod is truly a pleasure to cast.

Took it out this morning to see if I could get some slime on it. Was only able to land a couple medium size bass, this one being the biggest.

All in all, I'm really pleased with Redington's warranty service and had a great day morning on the river.

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