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Reds, Trout, Flounder from the Yak

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Took the kayak to my usual hole behind Topsail but it was slow going. Decided to take it out and launch in a different area to search.

Caught reds, flounder and trout on paddle tails. No pics worth posting on the trout and flounder, all short fish, but both reds came on topwater and were 18 and 20 inches.

Area I found had plenty of surface action with shrimp flipping and large boils from quality fish, but I only caught the small trout in that area, no other takers regardless of what I threw at whatever it was chasing them. Was a hot day out, but always feels good to put time in to find new productive waters. Heat wave is supposed to pass soon thankfully..


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Good to hear things are alive at Topsail. Hopefully it will only get better.
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