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Reel Maintenance Recommendations

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Hi All, Looking for recommendation for who to take my reels to for a good cleaning and replacement of wear parts. Most important (other than trustworthy) is that they know their way around an Ambassedeur 5000. Prefer nearer Oriental area but willing to drop off all the way up to Raleigh.

Best would be member who could show me how to maintain in exchange for something they want: whether cash or something else they could use.

I know there are many videos and skematics but there is nothing like hands on experience.

Thanks in advance,
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There used to be a gentleman on here who loved to disassemble and clean/repair conventional reels (such as the abu's) and would do so for a low price as he enjoyed it. Can't remember his name however.
Too simple a reel not to do yourself. ABU rounds are pretty close to being idiot proof.
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Custom marine in new bern has a reel mechanic. I think he said he charges 14-18 bucks a reel for cleaning and relubing if I remember correctly.
Thanks roostertail. Will give them a try. Also need to stock up on tackle so will do some shopping there too.

I sure wish the member Fatbuoy up in Wilson was still working on the reels but see that he hasn't been active for several years. Like anything I am sure it is very simple to disassemble/reassemble and clean/lube once you know how. But figuring out whether those drag or brake parts need replacing and making sure you put all those parts back in the correct orientation takes experience.

This first time I want an expert to set them up correctly after my gear has sat in the closet for 30+ years. Then I plan on making my own video of disassembling after my first fishing trip so I'll know what a good setup looks like and how the wear parts looks when new.
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