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April 22, 2005 Fishing Report:

Hi Folks,
We have finally had a week of good weather, although that appears to be going to change by tomorrow (I guess every day cannot be sunny and 70's). As a result of the weather the fishing has responded in kind. We have had double digit catches of red and black drum inshore and there are plenty of bluefish just off the beach. Bonito are spotty, but the ocean water is still cool (58), so hopefully they will show in large numbers soon.

Inshore: The water has warmed to over 60 and red and black drum activity is very good. We are catching fish on carolina rigs with fresh shrimp. You can find fish in the inlets and the docks of the creeks and waterway.

Nearshore: Plenty of fat bluefish are smacking our jigging spoons. Bonito are still scarce, but hopefully will show soon...and if they don't the spanish mackerel will, which may not really be a bad thing!

Offshore: Kings are still way out, 25+ miles. Bottom fishing for sea bass and other bottom feeders has been good.

Gulfstream: Boats are reporting good catches of tuna, wahoo and mahi. The Same Ole area has been hot.

The weather is definitely heating up and so is fishing. If you get a chance get on the water. It's been a long winter and there just isn't any better way to break through the winter doldrums than to go fishing.

Don't miss this weeks pics of the week:

Let's Go Fishing!!!
Capt. Rick Bennett
Rod-Man Charters
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