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Report July 7, 2005

Hi Folks,
I hope everyone had an enjoyable 4th of July. It was plenty hot and the weather was very nice for fishing. AND, fishing has been hot TOO! We have been catching plenty of flounder and red drum and spanish and king mackerel have been chomping too.

Here's my report:

Inshore: Flounder and reds are biting the inlets, the waterway, the cut and the river. Best baits are live menhaden or small thread fin herring (which have made a nice appearance this year). Fish them on a carolina rig anchored up or drifting IF the drift is not too fast.

Nearshore: Spanish and king mackerel are plentiful. You can catch the spanish on clarkspoons and the kings on live bait or dead cigar minnows. Some cobia are still around and you can enjoy plenty of barracuda action at the artificial reefs on tube lures...lots of fun.

Offshore: More king mackerel and some mahi. The mahi are not thick yet, but that could change overnight. There is a lot of grass out there, but it is scattered for the most part and not tightly packed like you would want for mahi.

Gulfstream: Action has slowed somewhat. Mahi and billfish are the main attractions. A few wahoo are around.

I have had my boat out of the water for a couple of days, making repairs, washing and waxing and so forth, but will be back in the water tomorrow. Just a reminder...keep everything working on your rig: your fishing will be better for it.

Don' miss this week's pic of the week:
And I have added several new pics through out the site of some of the fish we have caught.

Let's Go Fishing!!!
Capt. Rick Bennett
Rod-Man Charters
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