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Some hardcore catfisherman showed up at Lake Norman for the NCCATS tournament. The weather sort of froze out and put a damper on some of the competition for the day's event. The NCCATS contestants faced the rain, freezing rain, sleet, fog and wind during the tournament.
We were very sure that this is what hindered a lot of catfisherman from coming to this event. Some called and said they wouldn't make it because of the icing conditions in their area.
Despite the weather some teams did show up to compete in this event.
First place went to Ken Grant of Statesville who brought in a 5 fish limit stringer weighing in at 61.65 pounds.
Second place went to Jay Johnson and Nancy Adams of Statesville that brought in a stringer weighing in at 52.35 pounds. Johnson and Adams also caught the biggest fish in the tournament weighing in at 26.90 pounds.
Both of the teams said they were using cut gizzard shad fishing humps in deep water.
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