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I went out two weekends ago to one of my favorite put in's, and for the first time all year, I was catching a lot of bass in running water. I was excited. Even the big girls were frisky. So, this past Saturday I decided I would go upstream and put-in at a new spot that I had scouted and float all day down to the previous put-in/takeout catching running water bass along the way with my wife, Sarah. I had never tried this section and it turned out to be more flat water than I anticipated. Never know unless you try.

It turns out that was a blessing. It seems a lot can change in a week because I couldn't buy a bite in running water. Not even when I got towards the end and was fishing the same water as previous week. Everything was caught in flat water, in the shade, near timber, period. Luckily there was plenty of it because the bite was incredible and we managed more bass than we could count. The one pictured really made our day. It was the first lay down we came across. Definitely my personal best. We couldn't find the small bass all day...everything was 3+ pounds....shucks! There just seemed to be bait everywhere and the bass were gorging themselves. What a day...used one rod, one lure, a good cold fried chicken shore lunch, and some tolerable old beer from the back of fridge. Can't beat it!

P.S. I always wear my life jacket when on my kayak, but I had just shoved off and couldn't pass up casting to a fishy looking spot before getting all settled in for the float. Needless to say, it was going to be a good day no matter what we caught after that!


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