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Riverhawk Boats?

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Anybody have a Riverhawk brand boat?

I believe they are made in Winder, GA.

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I've seen some in the A.K. McCallum catalog, I think, might check there
Yes I have a B-60 that I bought brand new in August of 2006 from a dealer. The 0ne year warrenty is still good.

This boat has been used 20 hours in small ponds and lakes with a trolling motor only! No holes were ever drilled. Boat was kept in dry storage with cover.

I called the factory on Friday to ask them about putting a transducer on, and they said no problem.

Friday night I drilled with a 1/16 drill bit for the first hole in the transom and water came out! I stopped immediately. I called the dealer and was accused of leaving it in the water 24/7! He said he would call the factory, but I said no thanks and called myself. Hopefully they will respond on Monday and I will get some satisfaction with this issue. I will post again next week with my results.

It is a very stable boat and up to this time has been fine.

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Good Evening,

I took the Riverboat over to the factory in Georgia today. My problem was solved by it being replaced with a new boat!! Great service and this new boat is really a big improvement. The new president is going to really move this company forward.

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Thanks Kerrya for the follow-up post. Its refreshing to hear about quick, pleasant factory service!
Wow, that's awesome. You can't get that kind of satisfaction fron China.
Wing & Fly Company ( is an authorized Riverhawk dealer. We primarily sell "made-to-order" boats, but sometimes have some stock boats available. Best price you'll find on a new one, but you have to call to get it.
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