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Started out as a bad morning because the truck wouldn't crank in the hotel parking lot. We had to replace the battery cables and put a new battery in it with nothing but a set of channel locks, a screwdriver and some bolt cutters. Sounds like fun don't it?

Finally put in at Weldon at around 10. Picked up a few fish quick but they came down with a case of lockjaw quick. We had to fish around for them but we finally found an area where they were in a feeding frenzy. We caught them steady all day, and almost every one was between 15-17". The only keeper we had all day was lost in the boat motor. We ended the day with about 80 fish or so.

Sucked to come home with no fish to eat but an awesome and beautiful day out on the water. Fish were hitting bass minnows both free lining and on bottom, but the bite on bottom was more consistent.
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