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Just have finished up a job at a steelmill,and was staying in Williamston,near the Roanoke river.
On March the 28'th, the striper started to run.Having to work 12 hours a day,I was a little tired,so I missed out on alot of great fishing there.:(
On the 29'th the striper run was on!I crossed this river everyday , and seen boats stacked up as far as I could see up stream.
I saw several people hook up as I was driving accross this bridge,rods bent and smiling!:) Wishing I could've joined in on all of this action,my mind said yes, but my body just wouldn't let me.:( Just wondering, how long do the stripers run up, and how fast do they leave these areas?
My superviser told me that his friend caught one that was 29" and full of eggs, not sure what it weighed.I know they get bigger than this,but that's an arm full.
Fish On! I also seen alot of people fishing Connie Creek,not sure what for , but sure did warm my heart to see them having fun out there.
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