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Rotomolded coolers

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The May 2014 issue of Saltwater Sportsman has a good article about rotomolded coolers. Included is a chart which I will try and give some of the info:

ICON 60 60qt 2" insulation 22lb $229 3 yr warranty
ENGEL DEEP BLUE 65 65qt 2" 28 340 3 yr
PELICAN 65 ELITE 65qt 2" 48 360 Lifetime
IGLOO YUKON COLD LOCKER 70 70 2-3" 34 390 5yrs
K-2 SUMMITT 70 70 3"+ 35 349 7yrs
GRIZZLY MARINE 75 75 2.5" 32 430 Lifetime
ORCA 75 75 2.25-3" 35 460 Lifetime
YETI 75 74.8 2-3" 30 450 5YRS

What I find interesting is the difference in weights of comparable size coolers with the same thickness of insulation ie ENGEL vs PELICAN. Obvious reason to me would be density of insulation and or thickness of plastic. PELICAN has a lifetime warranty also. I would say if you wanted a 60/65 and had a limited budget then the ICON might be something to buy but the PELICAN is the best. Of the 70/75 I would think the K2 is a best buy. You could almost buy two of the ICONs for the cost of an ORCA or YETI

BTW, I just checked and a 90qt ICON is only $330 and they are sold at Intracoastal Anglers in Wilmington
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