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Rouse Pond MotorBassin'

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Rouse Pond MotorBass

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Got this beauty about 7:30 p.m. Saturday on Rouse Pond, 20-ish miles SE of Goldsboro (Google Maps will show it).

It pulled my kayak 50 yards during the struggle. Who needs a motorboat when you can hook a motorbass.

Bait was a 6" natural nightcrawler colored plastic worm Texas Rigged weightless. It had barely sunk 10" - 12" when engulfment happened - then we were off to the races.

Lengthy zurges for freedom zzzzzzzlipped the drag no less than zzzzzix times before a fairly large clump of floating vegitation ztopped the dash. Had to lift the clump (about 20 lbs) and the fish to remove the hook.

I was about 150 yards from shore where my MFF (Monthly Fishing Friend) was bank fishing, so with the behemoth trapped between my thighs, knees, and calves, I paddled feverishly to get there for a picture with hopes of a live release. Made two pauses along the way to dunk and oxygenize.

Mission accomplished! After posing, it swam away strong.

Caught 9 that evening (1 1/2 hours fishing). All others were 1/2 - 3 lbs. All on Blue or Nightcrawler plastic worms rigged as mentioned. This was #9.

If you need a MotorBass for your vessel, venture on out to Rouse Pond (just west of Tull's Mill as the crow flies) and test drive one of these of your own. There's about 200 yards of clear bank for fishin', and Mr. Williams (owner, and fine guy) says bring kids. He'd loved to see a bunch of kids fishin' his pond.

$2 Bank Fishing per person
$3 Boat fishing per person
Pay in the drop box on the honor system.
Electric Motors, Paddles, or MotorBass only. No Gas Motors.

Rod: 6' Shakespeare Excursion Med Action ($20 Walmart special)
Reel: Bass Pro Shops Extreme SpinCast size 8. They also have a size 10.
Line: Bass Pro Shops Tourney Tough 10 lb. (Box says .012 dia. I measured .010 - essentially 6 lb. - with a caliper)
Kayak: Pelican Evo 8
Bass Pro Shops Rod Holders
Lure attached to line with a black crosslock snap swivel. Worm threaded up over the snap. Swivel exposed.

All of the above: $238
This experience: Priceless!
Rouse Pond: Just about as Priceless!

I additionally saw 2 other boat fishermen land multiple up-to-3lbers. I didn't see any bank fishermen catch any fish. One guy said he hooked and lost a big'un under the dock using a pink/bubble gum worm. The dock is not available to fishiermen (Private). He cast to it from a boat.

Plus Fishin',

Shhhhh. Keep this just between us. Water Boat Shorts Vehicle Vertebrate
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Nice catch. Have caught a few fish out of there in my time, but haven't fished it in years. It use to be a swimming hole many years ago.
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Scott Hobbs (of this forum) told me of swimming there in his younger days.
I 'spect no swimming now. At least not this time of year. It's fairly infested with submerged vegitation. There's quite a bit of floating stuff too. I saw grass, as in yard grass, growing on top of some of the floating clumps - must have been there a while.
Even the deepest parts seem to have growth extending up about 3' from the bottom.
Water was pretty clear.

Plus Fishin',
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Use to swim that place many moons ago (mid 60's) when it belonged to Richard Rouse. He had a Barber Shop right out front edge of the pond. His son and all of us Deep Run boys would hit the pond and have a blast. There use to be a diving board about 1/2 way down the **** area.

We would swim out and stand on the stumps, made it seem like it was shallow. Almost drowned one guy, he tried to make it out and stand up, oops no bottom and could not find him a stump. We had to drag him back to the bank.
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Awesome catch Rod !!!!!!!
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